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We think it's safe to say that most people know 80% of the battle is truly food choice and portion control when it comes to losing weight. The problem…it's really REALLY hard to hold yourself accountable! It's only a matter of time before we get tired of meal plans, heavy restriction, food delivery, freezer meals, counting calories, and ultimately DIETING! Courtney always says, "it's not about the food but it's not not about the food." Just think about that for a second…of course it's about the food, we have to eat it to survive. But that is the point…food is meant for us to eat to survive and keep doing the things in life we love! Instead, we have all become so consumed with food and dieting that we ultimately lose what it means to actually live.

Courtney is here to educate, support, and hold you accountable. Her coaching programs will help you to plan, prepare, and understand what foods are right for you through discussion and experimentation. Many of us don't realize that a lot of issues with food stem from an emotional or compulsive eating standpoint rather than an "I just don't know what to eat" situation. Whatever the reason for coming in to see/speak with Courtney, she will work with you to break through obsticles and put you on the road to success. Every client is different but the most successful are those who are committed and open.

Are you trying to get pregnant? Courtney can help implement foods that help with fertility and make recommendations that may be contributing to difficulties conceiving. Pregnant and not sure where to start when it comes to your dietary needs? Courtney can help make the process of "eating for two" easy and less overwhelming. There are also many food recommendations to help with the ease of labor and delivery... If you are postnatal, do not start stressing about losing that "baby weight" because your body needed it. However, eating a clean diet and implementing propor nutrition for recovery is crucial during this special time. Courtney can not only help with this transition but also guide you in the right direction when it comes to everything postpartum.

Nutrition and Health Counseling

  • 6-Month Program (12 Sessions): $900 (3 payment option with 8% added to each)
  • 3-Month Program (8 Sessions): $680 (2 payment option with 8% added to each)
  • 1-Month Program (4 Sessions): $380
  • 1 Single Session: $105
  • Grocery Store Tour: $75
  • Meal Prep and Planning in home: $150
  • Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep: $195

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