Free to be you

March 24, 2016 2465Views

Love to feel free in my body. I didn't always feel this way. As a former college soccer player, I worked out a lot at the commands of my coaches but did not treat my body well. I ate poorly, stayed out late, and did not manage my stress well. I gained close to 30 pounds my freshman year of college and I remember feeling swollen, slow, and tight. I lost some of the weight the summer before returning back to school for soccer season because I was in a controlled environment with home cooked food and a trainer that helped me get back in shape. I still didn't feel good, happy, or healthy and after soccer season I managed to put half the weight back on. Fast forward to 10 years later...I never thought I would have a degree in kinesiology with a wellness emphasis, a certification in holistic nutrition and become a registered yoga teacher running my own business. I married the man of my dreams (literally crushed on my husband the moment I met him) and moved into our, hopefully, forever home.

You manifest the things you want when you ask for them and put action into your desires. My journey wasn't easy but it is mine and has made me into the person I am today.

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